Judy speaking at the Women In The New Evangelization Conference (W.I.N.E.) in New Orleans

Judy speaking at the Women In The New Evangelization Conference (W.I.N.E.) in New Orleans

I would be delighted to visit your parish, retreat or special event to share personal stories of the miracles I have experienced in the midst of great adversity. Please watch my video to get a taste of my message.

Though I studied and taught Catholic theology for fifteen years, my relationship with God and my teaching style changed after an incredible series of trials and tribulations “visited” my life. Those challenges included dealing with serious financial hardships, the destruction of our home, a miscarriage at the age of forty-four, a marriage in crisis, a son in the throes of addiction, the suicides of two brothers, the death of my stepson, and the death of my husband Bernie to a massive heart attack—all in the course of a few short years. (You can read our story, including the account of Bernie’s near death experience and miraculous conversion in my book, Miracle Man.)

After facing those challenges hand-in-hand with God, I realized that the most credible way to give witness to His power to heal and transform us is to share experiences from my own life: stories of the suffering and restoration I have personally undergone that have increased my faith and renewed my hope in God.

My talks are honest, Christ-centered and authentically Catholic. Occasionally, they can be funny too!

Please look over my list of speaking topics; each talk is 45 minutes to an hour long.  I can also tailor a topic to your group if there is a particular theme or format you'd prefer.   Additionally, my daughter Kara is a Catholic speaker and singer, and we’d be happy to make presentations together if you’re interested in a mother-daughter team. She makes me look really good :). You can find more information about her ministry at www.karaklein.com.

I look forward to hearing from you, and God-willing, to meeting you in person!


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