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Read the National Catholic Register's article about "Mary's Way" here.

Judy talks to Teresa Tomeo of Ave Maria Radio about Mary's Way. You can listen to the interview at 19:24 minutes.

Review on Click Here.

Listen to Jen Fulwiler and Judy Klein discuss "Mary's Way" on Sirius XM Radio:




Listen to Judy's interview about "Mary's Way" with Relevant Radio's Wendy Wiese. Click here to listen.

Listen to Judy's live interview about "Mary's Way" with Dina Marie Hale of Mater Dei radio here:

Enjoy founder Lisa Hendey's interview with Judy Klein:

Read's Review of Mary's Way:

Judy talks about Mary's Way with Teresa Tomeo of Ave Maria Radio (interview begins at 39:00). Listen here.

Wendy Wiese interviews Judy about Mary's Way on Relevant Radio (interview begins at 30:00). Listen here.

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Kathy Schiffer reviews Miracle Man at her blog, Seasons of Grace. Read here.

Lisa Hendey of interviews Judy on her show Catholic Moments, heard on Radio Maria. Listen here.

Mallory Hoffman reviews Miracle Man on Read here.

Listen to Judy on the Live Hour w/ Todd Sylvester on Archangel Radio.  Click here

Join Judy Klein and Teresa Tomeo as they talk on the Catholic Connection. Segments #2, #3,.  Click Here

Listen to Judy's interview with the Bible Lady on Radio Maria by clicking here.

Hear Judy Klein talk Miracle Man on Ave Maria's Kresta in the Afternoonhere.

Judy discusses the topic of "Addiction" on Women of Grace with Johnnette Benkovic.  Watch here:

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