Judy's Story

Judy Landrieu Klein, PhD, LCPC      Author, Speaker and Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor

Judy Landrieu Klein, PhD, LCPC

Author, Speaker and Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor

I was busy raising five children and studying for a PhD in Bioethics when incredible tragedy and miraculous glory simultaneously struck my life. It happened when my late husband Bernie suffered a massive heart attack and had a near death experience—then came back from “the dead” to tell me about it.  His long stay in the ICU, profound conversion and beautiful, holy death—and its impact on my own spiritual life–prompted me to write the book, Miracle Man. That opened up a new path in my life as a writer, inspirational speaker and ultimately, a pastoral counselor. 

My “new” path incorporates the things I’ve learned and done in the past with what I’m learning and doing now. I’ve been a wife, mother, grandmother, widow, theologian, author and newlywed—and I recently became a licensed clinical pastoral counselor.   But before and above all, I am a beloved daughter of God, the identity I cherish most.

Life has taught me many lessons; lessons I try to convey through my speaking, counseling and writing ministries.  You can find my musings here, or I can come visit your group, conference or parish upon request. Or if you’d like, you can make an appointment to meet with me personally at My Father's House Counseling Services.

And by the way…don’t let the words “bioethics,” “theologian,” or "licensed pastoral counselor" scare you off:) The important stuff I’ve learned has been studied in the school of suffering, and committed to memory in the fields of redemption and restoration. This is the education I count as most precious, because it’s what brought my heart healing and hope.   This is the healing journey that I share with others, and it's the hope I’d love to share with you.

Take some time to look around my website, read my blog, and order my books, including my newest book, Mary's Way: The Power of Entrusting Your Child to God.  And do get in touch with me so we can journey on this path of healing and hope together, sister to sister, and friend to friend.