"Judy Landrieu Klein's testimony is a powerful example of God's Divine Mercy at work in the presence of suffering. She shares an authentic witness of what it is like to experience an encounter with Christ while living through what appears to be insurmountable circumstances. Judy has a unique ability to articulate truths of the Catholic faith with humor and spiritual depth and her story captivates and provides great hope and inspiration for all of us who travel in this valley of tears hoping to reach, in the end, the fullness of truth, our Lord Jesus Christ."

Thad Cardine, Director of Development and Evangelization, Fullness of Truth Catholic Evangelization Ministries

“Judy Klein is a riveting speaker with a keen intellect to boot. She had listeners mesmerized at our recent "Woman Of God" retreat. She has a great grasp of true feminine discipleship, and the feminine genius. Her presentations were uplifting, informative and inspiring.”

Carol Marquardt, Author of Our Fiat Prayer Program

"Judy Klein shares her message of faith and hope eloquently, inspiring others with her journey of love with her Miracle Man. Unafraid to display her emotion, Judy weaves her life story, a lesson of faith in God, and stands today as a testament of the power of God’s love."

Kathi Zimmerman, Coordinator of Development/Public Relations, Archdiocese of New Orleans Retreat Center

"As the chair of Catholic Women in Action, a standing committee of the Catholic Foundation of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, it was my responsibility to seek speakers for days of reflection during Advent and Lent for women of the Archdiocese.  Judy Klein was recommended to me and she was a genuine treasure. Judy has the rare ability as a speaker to make the audience feel that she has put your hand in hers and that she walks you through not only her faith journey but your own as well. Anyone walking with Judy will come away a changed person."

Barbara Turner Windhorst, Catholic Women in Action

"Our parish developed a new ministry to teach Catholics the basics of their faith.  In searching for someone to teach the classes, we found the perfect fit right in our own backyard.  Judy is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and personable—a perfect fit when unpacking some of the complexities of our Faith.  Not to mention, her testimonial regarding her late husband’s near death experience and ensuing conversion is extremely moving.   I wish I had more than two thumbs because she deserves more for her work!"

Davis Brister, Coordinator, Our Catholic FAITH Program, Mary Queen of Peace Catholic Church

"Judy Klein wears many hats, all of them God-given...daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mother, grandmother, writer, apologist, theologian, professor, and inspirational speaker. She speaks hope and healing into myriads of life altering situations that she has come through miraculously through God's amazing grace. Listening to Judy, you will laugh, cry, all the while remaining on the edge of your seat!"

Paulette Renaudin, Magnificat Ministry Central Service Team

"My dear friend Judy Klein speaks with an authority and authenticity that come from a deep prayer life lived in communion with the Lord Jesus, as well as a firm grasp of--and love for--the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Additionally, her remarkable courage and tenacity in the face of incredible suffering will encourage anyone enduring their own trials.  I wholeheartedly recommend Judy as a speaker for your event."

Kitty Cleveland, Catholic evangelist and singer

"I've had the privilege of listening to and professionally recording virtually all of the country's top Catholic speakers giving hundreds of splendid presentations on every Catholic topic imaginable. But what is particularly needed today, I've found, is that many in the pews still need a basic and broad understanding of the Catholic faith as a whole, so they can see how all of these truths fit together. Judy Klein excels at this. Her orthodox academic training, comprehensive vision, organizational style and personal touch all work together to let the Faith itself shine and show forth its power, inevitably changing lives and drawing the listener closer to heaven."

James Louviere, President, Champions of the Truth

"Totally engaging!  Judy Klein speaks with clarity, humor and heartfelt passion as she tackles the challenges of living a life for Christ in a secular world.  Judy understands the heart of women and encourages them to trust in the unconditional and merciful love of the Savior.  She is a beautiful example of Catholic motherhood and a humble, faithful messenger of the graces which flow from prayer, the Sacraments and total surrender."

Celie Clark, MEd. DRE, St Peter Catholic Church, Covington LA

"Judy Klein is the best kind of speaker for your parish event or conference because of her endearing universal appeal. Judy speaks with the knowledge of a Catholic theologian but holds her audience spellbound in everyday language as she negotiates the twists and turns of her crash course in conversion! Judy's talk entitled "Eternal Weight of Glory" was a real crowd pleaser and sure to provide a shot in our arm of faith so wearied by daily bad news and an increasing attack on our faith. Her spiritual memoir "Miracle Man" is a must read, highlighting an amazing personal witness of the mercy, love and glory of God."

Terri Babey, Praise & Worship Coordinator/RCIA Co-Director, St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Fort Thomas, Kentucky