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 Mary's Way: The Power of Entrusting Your Child to God


About Mary's Way

How do you walk with your children during times of fear, struggle and crisis?  Do you feel that nothing you do will ever be enough?  Where and how do you find peace?  Join me as we learn to walk through motherhood Mary's Way, which is the way of heartfelt surrender to God's will.  Learn how to release your children and yourself more fully into God's hands, and become a more powerful intercessor for your family as we explore Mary's life and how her "yes" to God made space for grace.  Each chapter contains questions for reflection that will help you grown in intimacy with God, as well as powerful prayers to pray for your children and for yourself.   When you finish reading this book, you will find yourself turning more often to Mary's example of motherhood, and find yourself surrendering more fully and trustingly to.

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Praise for Mary's Way

To say that I'm thrilled beyond measure at the publication of this, the newest book in our partnership with Ave Maria Press, is an understatement.  Judy has gifted all of us with a modern-day template for praying with and for our beloved children and spouses...I invite you to share this book with a special friend.

Lisa Hendey, Founder,

With poignant and relatable storytelling, Klein invites us into the intimacy of her profound sorrows as a wife, mother, sister, and daughter in the hopes that the lessons of faith she learned will benefit us in our own struggles. If you're a mother or grandmother, you need "Mary's Way".

Kitty Cleveland, Catholic Author, Speaker, and Musician

In "Mary's Way", you'll discover Judy Klein's powerful story. If you're not careful, you'll find yourself staying up late to read it, getting invested in the lessons she shares, and adjusting your viewpoint on many things. Klein is a companion every mom will want on their own journey.

Sarah Reinhard, Catholic Writer, Blogger, and Editor of Word by Word

Through vivid personal stories of suffering and joy, Klein shares her own mother's heart and how she came to know the most blessed of all mothers, Mary. "Mary's Way" is about both – the power of our own maternal prayers and Mary's motherly interceding for us.

Pat Gohn, Author of Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious

In "Mary's Way", Judy Klein takes us on her spiritual journey through her adult years as wife and mother. Her stories invite us to a deeper relationship with the Lord and the Blessed Mother, encouraging us to "yield and say yes to him and whatever life brings." Klein's "yes" to God, modeled after the Blessed Virgin Mary's fiat, can be our "yes" too.

Maria Morera Johnson, Author of My Badass Book of Saints

No matter how great the struggle, God has a way and can bring you through. A great message of encouragement!...Your story is incredible and makes a strong point that people with lesser dire circumstances can also come to surrender points in their own situations...Some of your insights about Mary's life and the power of the Cross blew me away!

Carol Marquardt, Author, Our Fiat Prayer Program

Miracle Man


About Miracle Man

Follow my late husband Bernie Klein's riveting journey to heaven and back after he inexplicably survived "the widow maker".  Bernie came back from "the dead" to share his dramatic encounter with Jesus, earning him the name "Miracle Man" among the hospital staff.  Bernie's come-to-Jesus brought him to radical conversion, answering the prayers of his mother, sister and me, who had all prayed for him for many long years. His incredible transformation, and the outrageous ways that God showed up during a worst-case scenario in life, also brought about my own deeper conversion as I learned to let go of fear and mistrust and surrender completely to God.

Praise for Miracle Man

Anyone who picks up this book will not be able to put it down.  It's a riveting story full of both agony and ecstasy, tears and profound joy.  This is the kind of drama of a best-selling novel.  But this book is not fiction.  It's real life...Maybe it will help us recognize God amidst it all.

Marcellino D'Ambrosio, "Dr. Italy", Best selling Author

I loved this story: as a human, as a Catholic. You’re a wonderful writer… Bernie comes beautifully, vividly alive.

Heather King, Editor of Miracle Man, Author and contributor to Magnificat monthly prayer book

The book is a testament to the efficacy of prayer and the power of enduring love.

 Kathy Schiffer, Catholic blogger, Seasons of Grace

Whether you are a seeker, an agnostic or a cradle Catholic, Judy's down-to-earth language will pierce through your defenses, triggering your own deepest longing for His touch.

Melanie Jean Juneau, Catholic blogger, Joy of Nine9

If I had to sum up the important elements of this book in two words, they would be TRUST GOD.

 Mallory Hoffman, Catholic blogger, Unending Love

This is a beautiful, inspiring story that illustrates God's divine mercy and His saving grace.  Highly recommend!

Ellen Gable Hrkach, Award Winning, Best selling Author of Stealing Jenny

Wow!…Moved to tears of healing by the story and the great blessing of having shared a portion of the journey as it evolved. Thank you for passing on the mysteries of grace so well.

Fr. Robert Cavalier, Pastor

I had to do violence to myself to put it down...Loved it! I was profoundly moved...I could not read it without frequently sighing, ‘Thank you, Lord!’  Miracle Man is a gift to all of us.

Jimmy Seghers, Biblical Scholar and Theologian, Totus Tuus Ministries

"Miracle Man" has had an unexpected impact on my marriage.  My husband does not discuss or think about death.  Too morbid for him.   He was less than eager to read your book.  When I asked him to read it to me, we began a beautiful journey.  He no longer looked at the book as one about death but rather about life everlasting.  It opened up many conversations about conversion and deep faith...meaningful conversations which we seemed to have lost in the hustle of every day life...Parts of the book...also caused us to stop and reexamine how we speak to and treat each other.   "Miracle Man"  is a great book for marriages.  Many thanks.

Michelle N.

 Whether your soul is over flowing with faith or you find yourself questioning God and asking: "Why me, God?", "Miracle Man" is a must read. You'll be left dizzy from the roller-coaster-ride-life of the Klein family. With each page you think, "Surely it can't get any worse." Yet each time, the calamity of events, circumstances and burdens increases. God's presence, in unlikely places, makes "Miracle Man" a rewarding gift to read.

Gerard Braud Crisis Communications Expert, Braud Communications

 The story…is remarkable and extraordinary…It is a story of fortitude, patience, endurance, and perseverance in our human capacity to love.  The love Jesus wants us to put first but the love we often times let “life” put to the side.  It is a story of the magnificence of God’s amazing grace and His will.

 Jane Harvey, Author, Ask Him Books

 Such a powerful story of redemption and hope. I could not stop reading it.

 Sue Zaunbrecher, Magnificat Women’s Breakfast Service Team Member, Lord Teach Me to Pray Group Facilitator

“Miracle Man" is a powerful, moving, and very real testament to the Way of the Cross incarnating in the midst of a complex and messy modern life…It is Raw Grief transformed by Almighty God into Raw Grace.

Melanie Arnold, T.O.Carm, M.A. Theology

I just finished your book and all I can say is Wow!!...I laughed and I cried, and cried and cried…God is great! You are amazing! Your book confirmed my two favorite quotes that I carry close to my heart: "Love endures all things" and "All things are possible.”

Julie Dippolito, Elementary School Teacher

 Very real, great read, faith builder. Thank you Judy.

Stuart Lipman, Contractor

I started your book today and have only put it down when I had to drive the car!!! It is amazing! It is helping me with so much inner turmoil…You were brave to expose yourself like that and you will help so many because of it! I thank you so much!

Margaret Early, Retail Store Owner

 I was incredibly moved…When I closed the book, I felt sense a sense of peace…I caught myself crying and smiling at the same time…The book touched on so many of my own fears about death, faith, marriage and my own relationships…(It) gave me hope and prompted me to start a dialogue with God about my fears and to ask for more faith and trust in him.

Elizabeth Braud, Graphic Designer

“Miracle Man" is a book that should be required reading for everyone, regardless of denomination. It is simply awe-inspiring, and the reader will not be able to put the book down. What evolved from a tragedy brings tears to my eyes, even after having concluded reading this book several weeks ago. I plan on re-reading it again, after I finally get it back from friends who also fell in love with it. This is a life-changing book that speaks individually to each unique spirit. You will leave it a changed person.

Karen McCreary

I received the book two days ago and couldn't put it down. A truly miraculous journey of conversion of all - Bernie, family, friends, and priests - perfect examples of the wounded and glorious Body of Christ. Thank you!


I read your book, "Miracle Man" and I was very moved especially when Bernie was saying his goodbyes for the last time. I can relate to his entrepreneur attitude toward life and trying to get ahead, (like I have been doing seemingly forever) but as he did and I am now doing, realize that's all just vanity and in the end, there is God and your family, and those are the most important things. If one can meet God with a pure heart and have a family that loves you, your life has been a success & that is what matters. It was a great book!

Jim Azzarelli